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Insulation and Radiant Barrier Home Tips - Think Smart Insulation

Nova Scotia Home Insulation Devices Guide

Roughly 50-70 % of the energy used in Nova Scotia homes generally comes from cooling and heating. This figure can be decreased by a considerable amount through the use of an apparatus called Nova Scotia home insulation. Read More

Improve Your Home Using Alberta Window Insulation Film

To save on energy bills and reduce heat gain inside the house, you can "tint" your windows with Alberta insulation window film. It is applied directly on to the inside surface of the windwo. it is strippable, if you ever want to remvoe it. Best yet, it is very inexpensive compared to buying pretinted glass and having installed. Read More

An Insulation Alternative: Radiant Barrier

Most people take insulation for granted. This fact isn't really surprising since it's something that goes largely unseen. When you think of this group of products, what first comes to mind? If it's the pink fiberglass stuff, you're not alone. However, did you know that there are many other types, and it's possible that you may be able to increase the efficiency of your home by installing some different insulating products in various places? Read More

Reflective Insulation Is The Key To Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Most people understand that a home must be properly insulated in order to avoid the loss of heated or cooled air. If you want your house to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter, you need to ensure that the air you pay to heat and cool does not literally escape right through the roof. Read More

Save Money and Maintain Comfort With Reflective Insulation

With the increasing concerns about the costs of heating and cooling homes, many people are looking for ways to save money while staying comfortable at the same time. While getting new windows and doors will certainly help you save money, you're going to have to pay a lot of money out of pocket in order to begin reaping those savings. Read More

Learn What the Benefits of a Radiant Barrier Are

Radiant Foil barriers, sometimes called reflective barriers, are double-sided foil barriers that are designed to reflect radiant heat. Unlike traditional insulation, which absorbs heat, radiant barriers reflect the heat. Read More

Proper Installation of Reflective Insulation Will Determine How Much Energy You Will Save

To get the best performance for your reflective insulation, you have to be aware of the benefits gained through the installation methods. By choosing radiant barrier insulation you have already increased the likelihood that you will get the most efficient use from your heating and cooling system. Many homeowners have experience a longer functional life of this expensive equipment when they use the most advanced insulation available. Read More

Reflective Insulation Offers Many Unique Advantages

If you are looking to supplement the existing insulation in your home, there aren't a lot of choices without ripping out drywall. Since this is often not financially feasible, many people simply add an additional layer in the attic. Read More

Install Reflective Insulation In Your Attic To Stop Heat Loss

In order to have an energy efficient home, it's important to look at all of the aspects that come together to create your house. This includes the walls, floors, ceiling, roof and insulation. Most homes have blown cellulose in the walls and fiberglass in the attic to help prevent heated and cooled air from escaping. By and large, these methods have worked well for many, many years, but new technology is expanding the efficiency of homes all across the country. Read More

Radiant Barriers - Save On Utilities By Improving the Insulation

With the advent of newer and more efficient green building products, it is still somewhat of a surprise to find that builders are still using many of the materials originally developed in the early 1900s. Today there is a bevy of improved energy efficient insulations, such as spray foam, recycled denim cellulose and radiant barriers. Read More

Radiant Barrier Insulation

Radiant barrier insulation is similar to foil insulation in that the primary objective of this sort of insulation is to reflect sun heat away from the targeted insulated area. Radiant barrier insulation is typically lightweight, and anything weighting more than say 5 times the weight of aluminum should be considered heavy. Read More

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