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Rhode Island Home Insulation

About insulation and radiant barriers

Our environmentally friendly product lines are available nationwide through our national network of dealers. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to being known for offering professional, dependable and reliable protection to homeowners for better energy efficiency.

Think Smart cellulose insulation quiets a home better than fiberglass and creates a peaceful haven of quality and solitude in new and existing homes and commercial buildings. Performance. Comfort. Safety. These are reasons enough to install Think Smart cellulose insulation. But there is another reason that is often overlooked -- when you choose Think Smart you help protect the environment. Think Smart is made from 80% recycled materials. Also, manufacturing our insulation uses one-fifth the energy required to make fiberglass and generates one-fifth the carbon dioxide (for a typical home, insulated to the same R-value).

Think Smart Insulation - An Rhode Island Home Insulation Manufacturer

Are you having trouble keeping certain rooms in your Rhode Island home at a comfortable temperature? If you do, it is likely that a large amount of energy used to heat and cool your Rhode Island home is escaping right over your head – and the main cause of this energy loss is inadequate insulation. Government reports show that 45 million homes in the United States do not have the proper levels of insulation according to today’s energy standards. This is reason that Think Smart Insulation starts at the top of your Rhode Island home – in the attic.

Rhode Island Insulation

Adding a layer of insulation to Rhode Island homes with existing fiberglass insulation has been shown to not only add conductive efficiency, or R-value, to the home, but it also restores the R-value fiberglass loses in extremely cold or hot weather. We offer insulation, home insulation, house insulation, attic insulation and wall insulation.

Rhode Island Attic Insulation

Reflective insulation is typically available in form of rolls and is attached to the bottom of the attic roof or occasionally can be fitted on the attic floor. In summers a will reflect the heat back through the roof and thus improve your home comfort and lower your air conditioning cost. installed on an attic rafter, controls summer heat gain. It means that heat does not build up in the attic and that in turn makes your air conditioner to work less harder. In winters, reflective insulation does not allow heat to escape and that in turn lowers your heating costs.

Reflective insulation works in combination with air cavities that should be located on the hot side of it. To control heat gain in summer, these cavities should be naturally ventilated and when radiant barrier is used to prevent heat loss, these air cavities should be closed. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4044886

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