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 insulation and radiant barrier services

Are you having trouble keeping certain rooms in your home at a comfortable temperature? If you do, it is likely that a large amount of energy used to heat and cool your home is escaping right over your head – and the main cause of this energy loss is inadequate insulation. Government reports show that 45 million homes in the United States do not have the proper levels of insulation according to today’s energy standards. This is reason that Think Smart Insulation starts at the top of your home – in the attic.

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The importance of effective attic insulation cannot be understated. Your attic is the number one area responsible for heat loss/gain in your home. Therefore, attic insulation is a major player in your home's heating and cooling, which directly translates into your energy bill. For homeowners looking for ways to start conserving energy and saving money, Think Smart offers a complete solution to attic insulation that will help them do just that.

Many homes have inadequate attic insulation, or even worse, none at all. When Think Smart's cellulose insulation is installed, it creates a seal with a seamless blanket of natural, environmentally-friendly fiber. Even on the hottest or coolest days of the year, Think Smart does not lose R-Value. This results in the ultimate in comfort and savings for any home.

Think Smart also offers a reflective attic insulation product. Unlike typical insulation that merely resists heat, our reflective attic insulation reflects heat by acting as a radiant heat barrier. This allows homeowners to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the home on a year round basis.


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